CoachSafely is committed to educating the community– particularly via speaking opportunities!

If you’re interested in having Coach Jack Crowe present at your event or offer unique perspective for various research or media opportunities, please review the below content and click here to email the PR Director, Patty Hobbs.
Why CoachSafely?

CoachSafely is committed to educating the community on youth sports injury prevention. CoachSafely can bring tips, tools, and techniques to inspire and encourage parents, coaches, and athletes to work together to keep kids safe. Coach Jack Crowe is a passionate speaker who offers insightful information on the state of coaching, sports injuries, and how to keep kids excited about the game. From national broadcast media appearances, to speaking or panel participation, to local community events, Coach Crowe will create customized content to meet your needs.

Speaking Topics

Regardless of the size of your audience or content needs, CoachSafely can deliver a personalized message for your group. We frequently interact with coaches, parents, school districts, legislative bodies, medical professionals and insurers – so we understand how to address various audiences while clearly conveying our key messages on youth sports injury prevention. Coach Crowe and our partners can develop speaking custom content across the following topics. If you have a unique twist on one of these subjects, let us know – we’ll work together to develop materials that will work for you.

  • Best practices in avoiding sports injuries

  • Most frequent sports injuries among our youth: Heat Illness, Cardiac Arrest, Concussions and Overuse Injuries

  • Keeping parents in the loop re: sports participation and sports injuries prevention

  • Avoiding young athlete burnout

  • Developing an Emergency Action Plan

  • Coaching Tips & Tricks: Keeping kids engaged without risking injury