Do you want to spread awareness about preventable injuries in youth sports?

Partner with other parents, coaches, and local businesses to organize a community event in your area!
Resources developed by  STOP Sports Injuries

Community Outreach Toolkit 

We hope you will use this toolkit as a guide to spread the word about STOP Sports Injuries and also create local events for raising additional awareness of youth sports trauma and overuse prevention. This toolkit can help you:

  • Identify partners
  • Conduct media outreach
  • Create materials
  • Use templates to put together an event that attracts the audience you want to inform
  • Create avenues to get the word out about STOP Sports Injuries

STOP Sports Injuries Starter Pack

A great resource, available for purchase, for any community event. The pack includes 50 copies of each of 38 tip sheets on sport specific injury prevention and playing safe. It also includes folders, lapel pins, stickers, tattoos, and prescription pads.


Additional Resources 

Flyers, agendas, press releases, banners, and more available here


Coaches Curriculum Toolkit

This curriculum serves to help all coaches and parents learn about preventing overuse and traumatic injuries in youth athletics.
We hope by completing the training provided in this curriculum, you will:
  • Learn the basics of athletic overuse and traumatic injury prevention and identification
  • Organize other trainings for coaches and parents in your area
  • Have open dialogue with parents and coaches on the problem of sports injuries
  • Spread awareness of the national STOP Sports Injuries program