Former Jacksonville State University head football coach Jack Crowe is the past Executive Director of the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) where he worked with Dr. James R. Andrews in education and research of sports injury prevention. Crowe also is recognized as an accomplished college football coach for forty years serving and winning championships at Auburn, Clemson, Arkansas (where he served as Head Coach), and Baylor universities. He is uniquely the most experienced and qualified professional to address issues that crossover the two domains of sports medicine and the sports participation itself.
Crowe has long had a pioneering interest in the education of parents and coaches. He has testified in the Kentucky State Legislature on "best safety practices" in coaching. His academic background in the basic human sciences and as an instructor in kinesiology and care and prevention of injuries give him the credentials to represent himself as both a coach, educator and as a sports medicine professional.
That interest lead to his involvement with medical providers and continuing education providers to initiate programs which address the parent and the coach as part of the sports medicine continuum. His professional services are focused on sports education. With a Masters degree in counseling Crowe also addresses the social dynamic of sport relating trends to the total sports experience for all youth.
Jack Crowe is the President of Strategic Solutions, LLC which is a personal services and consulting company he formed in 1990. Listed in the above Bio are his business qualifications. Crowe has been highly successful in his career in the areas of advocacy development, fundraising, strategic planning, and outside of education in business valuations. The focus of his personal service is now on providing a strategic solution to all of the stakeholders youth sports; their links are given on this webpage.
He believes that to deter what is becoming a public health problem, vested parties should be challenged to join a sports injury coalition with the goal of banding together to enable change.